The Infopipe Company

Infopipe, founded in 1994, provides data, services, and software services to the IT & GIS industries.   Infopipe promotes the principles of project management and the modern collaborative systems and has invested heavily in training to utilize these disciplines for higher customer satisfaction and efficiency.

Infopipe enables companies with GIS land mapping capabilities and supplies BLM data services to push more data downstream for more useful GIS analysis. This emphasis contrasts to other services that query databases early in the process and only supply limited data to GIS analysis.  Infopipe supplies services and custom solutions to map data from diverse land systems as well.  These solutions, coupled with the GIS mapping solutions and government data-supply services, produce GIS maps rich in historical views, current status, and future potential.  This information gives the companies unprecedented views of potential partner and acquisition areas.

Other innovations:

  • G3R Services to move any culture, lots, tracts, or other data from one PLSS system to another.
  • Services for creation of high quality extended PLSS grid for complex and accurate land mapping.
  • Services to scrape and process web-derived data for your use. We offer services and tools to create databases, analyses, and reports from government sites, i.e., the Colorado Oil and Gas Commission Sites.

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