Data Mining Services

Regulatory Compliance Audits in Colorado
A Strategic Partnership with SLB Environmental, LLC.

  • Regulatory Compliance Records data mined.
  • Compliance Documents parsed.
  • Snapshots are produced of a company's regulatory submission completeness.
  • Recommendations follow analysis for subsequent submissions if required and necessary.
  • Costly "notice of alleged violations' can be avoided and mitigated using this service.

AWS and Azure ESRI Enterprise Deployment Services

  • Setup of ArcGIS Server on AWS or AZURE.
  • Setup of ArcGIS DataStore on AWS or AZURE.
  • Setup of ArcGIS Portal on AWS or AZURE.
  • Setup of Web Adaptors for ArcGIS Server and Portal on AWS or AZURE.
  • Federation of ArcGIS Server with Portal on AWS or AZURE.
  • Configurationi of Dashboards, Security, and GIS Data to ArcGIS Server on AWS or AZURE.

Sharepoint and AZURE Services

If you are interested in all the fuss about Microsoft Sharepoint and AZURE Virtual Machines and wonder how you are going to use and deploy Microsoft Sharepoint and AZURE in your organization, departments, and teams, then you will be interested in our consulting services:

  • Consultation with customer to determine sites and templates needed.
  • Teach the customer to create Knowledge-Management-Based documentation in Sharepoint.
  • Teach the customer "How to Fly" Sharepoint in your particular work environment.
  • Deploy initial customer sites for introduction to stakeholders.
  • Configuration of Microsoft Sharepoint Server Farms.
  • Customization of Microsoft Sharepoint Sites
  • Deployment of Machines and Servers into AZURE Virtual Machines.
  • Line of Business (LOB) Integration with Microsoft SQL Server.
  • Integration with ArcGIS Map Server.
  • Utililize "How to Fly" Sharepoint training for your executive business functions.

Custom Mapping Services

If you don't have the time, expertise, or data to produce maps that really tell the story of your efforts, then Infopipe produces a wide spectrum of value-added maps and data packages customized to meet the individual needs of the customer. We can provide your land data, our government land data, images, vector data, and any other client proprietary data.  We can include Leased Acreage, Open Acreage, HBP Acreage, Lease Boundaries, Transfer of Operating Rights, Suspended, Pending, Mineral Interest, Burden Interest and Active Expired Layers, Well Spots, Basin Boundaries, and Culture to produce:

  • Land Broker Management Maps
  • Mineral Interest Maps
  • Well Location Maps
  • Geophysical Planning and Processing Attribute Maps, i.e., Datum, Refraction, and Residual
  • 3rd Party Lease Maps
  • Environmental Status Maps
  • Well Status Maps, i.e., Drilling, Locations, Completions.
  • C-Suite Information Maps

GIS Consulting Services

If you need to move to the next level of collaboration and efficiency in your GIS activities, then Infopipe supplies consulting and training services for GIS systems projects including the following skill sets:

  • ArcGIS Work Flows and Geoprocessing Models.
  • ArcGIS Server and ArcSDE Planning, Installation, Configuation, Customization, and Maintenance.
  • Installation and Configuration of ESRI Portal.
  • Consulting on ArcGIS Online.
  • Integration of GIS Processes into SharePoint for Knowledge-Management-Based Process Documentation.
  • Updating of your PLSS Grid with your survey points data.
  • Training and Custom Construction of Geoprocessing Models.
  • Development of your custom Work Flow applications.
  • Custom applications to package your workflows.
  • Systems development to data mine public portals.
  • Systems development to create land polygons and spot wells and boreholes.

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