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WE NO LONGER OFFER Federal BLM Data Services and Subscriptions

This is the result of the continual reworking of the LR2000 Data by the BLM and the apparent war on Oil and Gas. Most people now just get BLM data in order to AVOID THE BLM. There was no cooperation or coordination with the BLM to allow for a seamless transition to the new data. There were many errors made: Column data type changes midstream, removal of useful software, withholding of schema, and just a general display of not caring about secondary vendors. Thanks BLM.

If you are interested in acquiring and owning these processing tools, then please reach out to us on our contact page for more information.

Federal Data Services and Subscriptions with:

  • In-house Databases with Extraction Software for your own custom mapping.
  • Geospatial Files and Databases customized to the client's situation and circumstance and on the client's or BLM PLSS Grid. Layers can include processed data into Leased, Open, HBP, and Transfer of Operating Rights Acreage as well as Expiration Date-Driven, Unit, and specifically requested Lessee Layers (including all lessees).  The data is processed to be useful in all common exploration systems and online mapping systems.  Links to the Web-Based Serial-Page Information included in data (where applicable).
  • Shape Files (updated monthly from BLM) for Rockies (CO,ID,MT,ND,NM,UT,WY) and associated databases for your BLM Mapping needs. Includes Base Fed Layer, Leased Layer, ROW Layer, and Unit Layer. Cost of Service: $5,950/Year

LAS Well Log Data Services

If you need inexpensive LAS Well Log Files from the state sources, then we supply as a service:

Public Land Survey System Data (PLSS) Supply Services

If you want to be able to use your BLM PLSS data to spot wells or produce land parcels, then we offer:

  • Extended Grid from BLM gcdb data with Lots and Tracts Service-Supplied for your land-mapping systems.
  • Basic BLM Grid Services for areas with option to upgrade to Extended Grid.
  • Formats for use in spotting and land parcel mapping.
  • Geospatial Files and Databases

Rich Attribute Culture Data Services

If you need to efficiently load your exploration system with entity-coded culture features, then we furnish as a service from Tiger files:

  • Rich attribute data in Geographix CDF format with entity codes for loading into IHS Petra and Geographix.
  • Shape Files, MapInfo Files, and Geodatabase Files are available.
  • Customer chooses projection.
  • County-oriented delivery

Well Information Services & Subscriptions

We supply geospatial files and databases of well information:"

  • State sourced data.
  • Flexible Low Cost Pricing.
  • Surface Locations
  • Bottom Hole Locations
  • Borehole Sticks
  • Embedded Links to State Well Information
  • States Currently Supplied: CO, NM. More Coming.

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