If you find it hard to handle the sheer volume of data and formats, then Infoshape is the AUTOMAPPING tool for you. Infoshape keeps track of all your projects and formats as projects and if you need to produce another map, just go to the project. If you have the need to run batch parcel creations, the Infoshape will do that for you. Infoshape is fast: THOUSANDS of POLYGONS per MINUTE!

The InfoShape Pro Tool organizes and loads your land ownership data from your spreadsheets and databases to produce map-ready AUTOMAPPED data for your analysis and maps.

Some Features:

  • Import from Spreadsheets or Access Database.
  • Processes Map Description to either coalesce to Largest Aliquot or split to Quarter-Quarter Aliquots.
  • Break out Lots, Tracts, and Aliquots for processing.
  • Uses BLM Township Range Notation or Industry Township Range Notation.
  • Allows for Combined use of automated polygons or polygons in a Tract Database Store.
  • Selection Query Layer Functionality built in.
  • Project-Setup Orientation - You set up a project and all parameters are remembered and ready-to-go next time.
  • Database-Oriented Design - You may specify different Land Grid, Temporary, and Land Tract Database Stores for each project. This allows for modular processing of areas if desired.
  • Automatic creation of polygons and unique location based IDs for polygons.
  • Command-Line Execution to be included in VBS Scripts.
  • ESRI Script Execution and ESRI Model Execution.
  • Outputs: ESRI ShapeFiles, MapInfo MID/MIFs, Petra MID/MIFs, Geographix CDFs.
  • Inputs: Database or Spreadsheet.
  • Includes Land Grid Loader Tool for loading standard grid formats to Grid Database for use by Infoshape.
  • Automated analysis of import data and automatic input. Import has never been easier. From spreadsheet to shape files instantly.
  • ESRI Geoprocessing Steps built-in to reduce post processing inconvenience.

InfoShape allows for AUTOMAPPING of information not typically mapped, i.e., units, how the lease is held, operating rights, record title federal units, and any other user-defined information. The user can specify and save templates and layers of what to map during processing by InfoShape.

You can create your own spreadsheets or Database to be mapped. Your internal land records can be mapped. You can map Fee, Federal, and State data.

Outputs include ESRI Shape Files, CDF (for IHS Petra & GES Explorer) and MapInfo MID/MIF format files.

The InfoShape License creates land polygons ( from Aliquot or quarter-quarter descriptions and land grid data). You can create your own Tract Database Store (polygons to be re-used) that allows for accessing metes-and-bounds land polygons, digitized land polygons, irregularly shaped land polygons, or vendor-supplied polygons. You only have to create any irregular land polygons once. These polygons are stored in a Database Store Database. This is perfect for Texas and Eastern US Surveys.

The InfoShape Pro Tool was designed, built, and tested through the guidance of Explorationists, Engineers, and Landmen who wanted to view land ownership data in ESRI ArcGIS, MapInfo, Geographix, and Geoplus Petra. Our clients can use Fee (broker spreadsheets) data, data from their lease records systems, and Federal ownership data (such as Infopipe's LeaseDiscovery and Lotbuilder data). For more information on Land Ownership Mapping, request our white paper on the subject: Land Ownership Mapping-A Primer.

  • InfoShape License - for full featured GIS operation including complex text annotation output - we customize the application to your environment and offer support services agreements.

We are demonstrating Infoshape(c) via Webex.

System Requirements: Windows 10, Access and ESRI ArcMap (if ESRI products such as shape files are required). Disk Loading Space: 20 Megabytes. Operating Space: depends on amount of data being loaded.

MapInfo is a registered trademark of MapInfo, Geographix is a registered trademark of Geographix, and Petra is registered Trademarks of IHS Corporation. ESRI is a registered trademark of ESRI. InfoShape is pending registration.

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